Culture & Values

A corporate culture is not something that can be consciously created with motivational posters or an interoffice memo. You do not find it on billboards or business cards. Slogans simply cannot be trusted. A corporate culture is organic. It is intangible. It starts when a company first opens for business and then grows from the top-down.

Our mission of doing business with integrity, vision and excellence can be seen and felt in everything we do.

At Mountain West Insurance Services Inc., we consider it our moral responsibility to steward our business and relationships with loyalty, trust and accountability. It is an unwavering dedication to these driving principles that has led us to who we are today and who we will be in the future.

Our Core Values

Strive to exceed all expectations.
At MWISI, good just isn’t good enough.

Be passionate.
At MWISI, we believe our passion drives our success and makes work more enjoyable.

Be accountable.
At MWISI, we believe being individually accountable for results helps us achieve critical objectives.

Act with integrity.
At MWISI, we do the right thing regardless of the outcome.

Embrace new and better ideas.
At MWISI, we believe innovation comes from everyone.

Commit to growth and learning.
At MWISI, we believe there is more potential inside every person than he or she realizes.

Develop positive relationships.
At MWISI, we believe people are our greatest assets.

Practice “work/life” balance.
At MWISI, we believe to be at our best, there must be balance in our lives.

Have Fun!
At MWISI, we believe fun and work aren’t mutually exclusive.

Living and working with these core values in mind, we believe we will be successful and in our achievements, our clients will also find success.

At Mountain West Insurance Services Inc., we believe in helping applicants not only secure insurance but understand the steps that can be taken to drive the costs of insurance down and provide greater value overall.

Meeting your insurance needs with integrity, vision and excellence.

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Mountain West Insurance Services