About MountainWest Insurance Services, Inc.

Mountain West Insurance Services, Inc. began as an idea in 2012. The idea was to build an insurance agency that focused on business insurance for local business owners in the Willamette Valley. Today, Mountain West Insurance Services, Inc. is a stable agency, providing insurance solutions to its customers. The company is currently located in the RiverView Place building in downtown Salem, Oregon.

Mountain West Insurance Services, Inc. provides businesses with a value-superior service- that other agencies don not match. Additionally Mountain West Insurance Services, Inc. uses a consultative approach with clients. This combination of service capabilities and client input gives Mountain West Insurance Services clients real value when compared to what other competing insurance offices can offer.

Mountain West Insurance Services, Inc. doesn’t take its success for granted. Through continues improvement and education, the Company is able to secure insurance programs and insurance carrier partnerships that provide leading insurance products in their field.

Mountain West Insurance Services plans to add to its service capabilities through acquisitions and new venture opportunities. These strategies, along with the Company’s techniques and talent, come together to form Mountain West Insurance Services growth oriented culture of quality.

At Mountain West Insurance Services Inc., we believe in helping applicants not only secure insurance but understand the steps that can be taken to drive the costs of insurance down and provide greater value overall.

Meeting your insurance needs with integrity, vision and excellence.

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Mountain West Insurance Services