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Is Change Always for the Better?

They say change is the only constant. The insurance industry has seen many changes over the last decade and one of the biggest changes has transformed how insurance agencies perform. Large publicly traded companies and several of the bigger private insurance agencies have been purchasing smaller agencies that either hadn’t planned or didn’t prepare for future growth. These larger public and private insurance agencies often view acquisitions as a method of gaining larger shares of the market.

Unfortunately for consumers, the pressure of making money immediately for shareholders and outside investors means the focus is often on short-term profitability. In hopes of offsetting the high purchase price paid for the independent agency, the acquiring company typically attacks the fastest area to cut expenses – payroll. As pay freezes happen or jobs are cut to save costs, the result is all too often a negative effect on the quality or service level the customer receives.

Mountain West Insurance Services and Our Independence

Mountain West Insurance Services Inc. is committed to becoming a top insurance agency in the region. We continue to grow organically by forming new client relationships and we intend on making select acquisitions in the future. However, unlike some of the others, Mountain West Insurance Services, Inc. will not be making acquisitions for the sake of being the biggest or having the most clients. Our growth will be controlled and must adhere to our primary mission: Providing the best service to our clients.

Staff Compensation

Mountain West Insurance Services believes compensation and appreciation of our staff is vitally important to the overall well-being of the organization. Too often businesses are seeing a gap or decrease in productivity from employees and recent studies show this gap is often created by low compensation. Our goal is to make sure our employees feel appreciated for their work and by understanding the divergence between pay and productivity, we help our staff feel valued as a member of the Mountain West Insurance Services Inc. team.

Growth As An Opportunity

The entrepreneurial spirit runs throughout Mountain West Insurance Services Inc. Our objective is to foster a stable staff and welcoming workplace to attract employees that are the best in their field.

Mountain West Insurance Services Inc. is not only committed to being an independent agency, we believe that leaders in the workplace help direct the team to be successful with a client-focused attitude. Our goal is to have long lasting client relationships and not focus on short-term profits.

At Mountain West Insurance Services Inc., we believe in helping applicants not only secure insurance but understand the steps that can be taken to drive the costs of insurance down and provide greater value overall.

Meeting your insurance needs with integrity, vision and excellence.

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Mountain West Insurance Services